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SAPA welcomes applications from all prospective members.  SAPA members enjoy many benefits, including access to our exclusive members-only Job Bank, membership news alert emails, online message board discussion forum, discounted rates for our monthly CLE luncheons, educational scholarship program, and mentor program.

To apply for SAPA membership, complete an application form and mail it with your payment to the address provided on the application. 

A link to the application forms in PDF format is located at the bottom of this page.

Membership Categories

Taken from the SAPA By-laws, Section 3.2 - Classes of Membership:

Membership in SAPA shall consist of three classes:

A. Voting Members.

A person eligible for Voting Membership shall be an individual currently employed as a paralegal and who meets one of the following criteria: 1.) Has valid proof of completion of a full course of study prescribed for training of the paralegal; or 2.) Has been employed as a paralegal for a minimum of twelve (12) months.

In addition, a person renewing his or her Voting Membership shall also be required to provide proof of completion of a minimum of six (6) hours of continuing legal education ("CLE") during the preceding membership year.

B. Non-Voting Members.

The Non-Voting Member class shall include the following two levels:

1. Associate Member. A person who is eligible for Associate Membership shall be an individual who is otherwise eligible for Voting Membership, but (i) is not currently employed as a paralegal; or (ii) has not provided proof of completion of the requisite 6 CLE hours for renewal of Voting Membership.

2. Student Member. A person eligible for Student Membership shall be a person who is a student in good standing at any accredited approved university, college, junior college, or other institution or post-secondary school pursuing a course of study as a paralegal. Such course of study must require resident courses or classes for completion of such paralegal program.

C. Sustaining Members.

A person/entity eligible for Sustaining Membership shall be any law firm, corporation, agency, paralegal training program, institution, individual, or entity interested in supporting the purposes and goals of SAPA who/which does not meet the qualifications for Voting, Associate, or Student membership.

For a complete list of requirements, restrictions, etc., see the individual membership applications.

Annual Membership Dues New Member Application
$60 Voting Member Voting Member
$60 Associate Member Associate Member
$25 Student Member Student Member
$350 Sustaining Member Sustaining Member


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