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SAPA's Mission Statement:

"The mission of SAPA is to increase awareness of the advantage in utilizing paralegals and legal professionals.  SAPA strives to promote excellence and ethical standards for all of its members, and supports voluntary national certification to recognize its members that have demonstrated their competency in the profession.  In addition, SAPA promotes continuing legal education for its members, and is dedicated to providing networking opportunities to support paralegals and legal professionals in their careers."

The purpose and goals of SAPA, as stated in our Bylaws, are:

(1)  to promote ethical conduct and high standards within the paralegal profession;

(2)  to promote the utilization of paralegals in rendering effective legal services;

(3)   to educate the general public by broadening the understanding of the function of paralegals; and

(4)  to promote the continuing legal education of paralegals.

As one of the largest paralegal associations in the State of Texas, SAPA's membership generally numbers more than 100 members, who are employed by law firms, corporations and government agencies in the San Antonio area.  Throughout its 30 plus years of existence, SAPA has worked with local bar associations on various projects to promote the legal profession.  SAPA continually works hard to raise its professional standards, and was the second paralegal association in Texas to implement continuing legal education requirements for voting membership.

Definition of a Paralegal

The State Bar of Texas defines a "paralegal" as follows:  A paralegal is a person, qualified through various combinations of education, training, or work experience, who is employed or engaged by a lawyer, law office, governmental agency, or other entity in a capacity or function which involves the performance, under the ultimate direction and supervision of a licensed attorney, of specifically delegated substantive legal work, which work, for the most part, requires a sufficient knowledge of legal principles and procedures that, absent such person, an attorney would be required to perform the task.


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