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San Antonio Paralegal Day 

On behalf of the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division - District 5 and the San Antonio Paralegal Association, we would like to thank you for your support and invite you to join us for our Yearly Celebration of TEXAS PARALEGAL DAY! 

On January 22, 2009 the Texas Senate issued Proclamation No. 1144, declaring October 23 to be Texas Paralegal Day indefinitely.

Proclamation No. 1144 states, in part, that “Paralegals are vital resources to their firms, performing valuable services for and under the direction of an attorney, and their work requires a thorough knowledge of legal concepts and facts. October 23 marks the anniversary of the founding of the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas, a division established to promote high standards of conduct, professional ethics, and responsibility through continuing legal education and cooperation with the State Bar of Texas. The goals of the Paralegal Division are to achieve more economical and improved legal services throughout the state, to focus on benefits for its members and the paralegal profession, and to develop opportunities, incentives, and recognition for legal education. Through their exceptional talents and expertise, paralegals provide valuable services that contribute significantly to the efficient functioning of the judicial system in the Lone Star State and they are indeed worthy of special recognition.”

Did you know that The Paralegal Division Celebrated it's 40th Anniversary in 2021 and was the first paralegal organization formed at the state level in the United States.  “The Paralegal Division” of the State Bar of Texas (the “Division”) was created on October 23, 1981

Please join us in celebrating this great achievement!

2023 Priscilla Nash

 2022 JoAnn Trevino 

2021 Kerri Alexander-Overfelt

 2019 Stacy Foushee

2018 Molly Gorena-Bullis

   2017 Susi Boss

2016 Heidi Helstrom, CP



2015  Donna Shodrock                                                     2010  Lisa A. Santos

2014  Sharon Vetters                                                        2009  Charlene B. Carroll, ACP

2013 Wendy Peacock                                                        2008  Ellen Lockwood, ACP, RP

2012 Diana Olack                                                                2007  Patricia J. Giuliano

 2011 Allison Seifert


San Antonio Paralegal Association
P. O. Box  460326, San Antonio, Texas 78246


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